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Protector M (Unity 3D / iOS)

Protector M, in appereance, is working as Turkey Distrubutor of Micae cameras at Bilgi Teknolojileri Ltd. But in fact, he is a very successfull detective that is nightmare of the thieves and secret hero of the people.

One day while Protector M is at home which he has turned into security base, he gets an information and learns that the thieves are planning to break into a very important place and to steal precious properties. Then, Protector M, also a man of reckoning, immediately gets ready to prevent this. After choosing the most appropriate models of Micae and Canon cameras by means of which he protects his house and lots of places, he sets off in the direction of the information.

By placing the proper camera to the correct place, he explicitly checks out all the points where the thieves may break into.

When he comes back to his base, he takes the helm of Micae software by which he can monitor all the cameras all day long, move the cameras to any direction he wants, the coordinations of which he can inform to security officers on guard as soon as he detects the thieves and he begins to rigorously carry out his duty.

As he knows that security is a professional team work thanks to Micae and Canon cameras, recorders and softwares, he works so hard all day and embarks on an adventure with an aim of being the best for the security of the people.

(This game was removed from app stores by its publisher Bilgi Teknolojileri Ltd. on 2015)

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