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Software Engineer | Indie Game Developer

Monoid Classroom Management Systems (Andoid, Qt)

I developed the Interactive Classroom Management System for private and government schools. I created a system that includes teacher and students Android Tablet applications and Interactive Smartboard Application, which is written in Qt Framework & C++.

Teachers can create lessons, quizzes with detailed result screens, collaborative draw sessions with Together.js, control students’ tablets with VNC connection, share interactive content and files (image, pdf, etc.), share screens to the smartboard and share sessions with the smartboard when the battery is low.

Students can connect to the opened session, answer the questions and view the results, do practice shared quiz materials at home, access the library which is shared by the teacher or school management, draw something individually and save them.

Also, teachers can create all those actions from the Smartboard application the same, and students can connect to the lesson, which is created by the smartboard.

All students’ and teachers’ information comes from the Monoid Education Platform. All lessons, sessions, and attendances information synchronize with the Monoid Education Platform REST API.

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